Types of Wells Best Suited for Lifteck Gas Drive Pump

  • Wells with liquid loading issues
    • gas wells that produce hydrocarbon liquids or water
    • high GOR oil wells
  • Liquid Rates in a range of 0.1 to 25 bbl/day (0.01 to 4 m3 per day) with 1 fluid cylinder or 0.1 to 50 bbl/day (0.01 to 8 m3 per day) with 2 fluid cylinders
  • Gas contains < 5% H2S
  • Depth of well in meters = required reservoir flowing pressure in kPa
    • Example 1000m deep well needs 1000 kPa flowing pressure (standard pump configuration)
  • Depth of well in feet divided by 20 = required reservoir flowing pressure in PSI
    • Example 4,000 foot deep well needs 200 PSI flowing pressure (standard pump configuration)
  • Need 1e3m3/d of gas to run pump
  • Need 30 mcf/day of gas to run pump
  • Max Well Depth = 3500 m (11,000 ft)

Well Data Requirements

  • Well Location
  • Producing formation and depth
  • Measurement (or estimate) of current reservoir pressure
  • Measurement (or est) of near-wellbore formation permeability
  • Gas, water, and condensate or oil analysis
  • Gas and liquids current measured rates (detailed)
  • Current method of removing wellbore liquids (if any)
  • Casing and Tubing pressures for last three months
  • Estimate of current well deliverability curve
  • Production Casing Info (type & weight, ID, setting depth & PBTD)
  • Completion Data (including packers / bridge plugs, perf'd intervals, fracs, etc)
  • Tubing type & weight, ID, OD and setting depth
  • Directional survey, if well is deviated

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